Photo of Karen HigtonGiving help for speech and language difficulties to children is my passion.  I’m Karen Higton, a Speech and Language Therapist and mum of three children (aged 2, 11 and 17).  My office is based in Tamworth, Staffordshire, and I have been helping children who have speech, language and communication difficulties all over the Midlands for the last decade.  I specialise in treating speech, language and communication problems in children.

Why is speech and language therapy important?

If a child cannot communicate, it affects every part of their lives.  Asking for what they want, making friends, talking about their feelings, saying what they like and don’t like are just some of the ways they are not able to take part in their own lives.  This means they will have difficulty at school, difficulty getting a job and mental health problems that are life-long.  Speech and Language Therapy to develop communication skills changes things for these children.  I am passionate about helping children and their families to overcome speech and language difficulties to give them the best chance in life.

How does speech and language therapy help?

Lots of children need help for speech and language difficulties as they are growing up.  This is understandably worrying for parents but Speech and Language Therapy is proven to improve communication in target areas!  Treatment for speech and language difficulties in children is available from Speech and Language Therapists registered with the Health and Care Professions Council.  Children may need help with pronouncing speech sounds, understanding words, using parts of grammar.  Children may need to develop confidence to communicate or need help developing their social skills.  The earlier a child has speech and language therapy, the more chance they have of overcoming their difficulties.  I work in partnership with parents, empowering them, and helping them to use speech and language strategies within their home environments and their typical daily routine to support their children.

What happens in a therapy session?

Therapy sessions are individually designed for each child’s needs, interests, and strengths.  Treatment sessions are personalised, innovative, and challenging.  I help you to provide the important building blocks for learning that create a sound foundation for your child.  This is based on fun, engaging, positive and successful learning experiences. These positive experiences will help to build your child’s confidence and allow your child to become a successful communicator and learner for life.

How you can contact me

Contact me to arrange a free, informal chat about speech and language therapy for your child.

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