Photo of Karen Higton
Karen Higton, Speech and Language Therapist
Who am I?
Hi, I’m Karen and I provide private Speech and Language Therapy for children of all ages.  I am a fully qualified Speech and Language Therapist who is registered with the Health Professions Council and the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists.  I usually work in Tamworth and the surrounding areas, visiting children in their homes,  schools or nurseries to help them with their understanding and talking.  I now offer private speech and language therapy face to face online.  As therapy is offered online, I can now work with children from any location (as long as there is an internet connection).
Contact us to find out how speech and language therapy can help you to to develop your children’s speech and language skills. 
Face to face online sessions may be suitable for your child if:
  • They are 3 years old or above
  • You have a laptop or an ipad
  • You have wifi connectivity
Benefits of face to face online therapy are:
  • Safety
  • No travel costs
  • Accessibility from all locations
  • Flexibility 
  • Continuous support for children
  • Children remain engaged and supported
What do parents say:
“We were worried about how Charlie would adapt to doing his therapy sessions online, but we needn’t have.  He focuses for longer and is more motivated than ever.  We are so glad that therapy can carry on.”
Jo (mum of Charlie aged 4)
“Jessica has been struggling since her school has closed.  Being able to keep doing her speech sessions, seeing a friendly and familiar face each week, has been fantastic for her.  We have made so much progress and if this option wasn’t available, I’d be worried the progress would stop.”
Syrita (mum of Jessica aged 6)

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