Assessment is carried out in your home, where your child will feel most comfortable, with a qualified and experienced Speech Therapist.  This is so that we can gain a true picture of their strengths, and areas for improvement.  I will always ensure that your child is happy throughout.  Usually assessment takes 1.5 hours to 2 hours, occasionally it can last for longer.  This is not just direct work with your child, and where possible it is carried out through play.

Assessment may include some or all of the following:

  • A discussion to get information about your child’s developmental history
  • Discussing you view of your child’s strengths and needs
  • Discussing any concerns that you may have
  • Informal methods of assessment, e.g. observations, assessment through play
  • Formal methods of assessment, e.g. tests that give information about your child’s communication, in comparison to other children of the same age

If appropriate, following assessment, a therapy plan is created.  We will discuss together what the best way forward is.  This may be weekly or two-weekly direct therapy, a programme to be carried out by trained carers, or training on strategies to support language within the environment.

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